Turn The Impact Of The Crisis Into Your Comeback For You As A Leader, Your Team, And Your Organization With Effective Leadership

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Become aware of the impact the Covid-19 lockdown has had on you and your team and set clear positive objectives for the year ahead with effective leadership.

One thing is sure: Covid-19 has impacted you in one way or another. You had to find new methods and structures to perform your work. Also, your colleagues and team went through life-changing events because of the crisis.

However, every person experiences the impact of Covid-19 differently, and what someone learns from the crisis differs. This difference is partly depending on the person’s unique Management Drives profile. The crisis influences the way you behave and interact with your surroundings. For some of you, conflict and crisis within the team occur.

At times, fundamental questions accompany a crisis on whether the team moves in the rightdirection and what needs arise from every individual team member. However, you may experience a positive behavior change too!

Beyond Leadership; The Impact Program for Effective Leadership

The Impact Program is an online half-day program developed in which leaders like you will get concrete insight into the impact on the individual team members and the team. Using the Management Drives methodology, you will discover and formulate positive objectives for the time ahead in the form of an interactive online workshop on effective leadership.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll In The Online Impact Program

After you sign up, you will receive your login details for requesting the preparation material for the half-day effective leadership program. After every team member has completed their 30-minute online preparation for the workshop and a date for the workshop has been set, the actual workshop can start! At the end of the program, you and your team members will know what new and positive behavior you want to retain, what behavior to develop further, how to incorporate effective leadership skills, and you will have clear objectives for the time ahead.

Benefit 1 - Insight into the impact of the crisis on the team

During the team workshop, you will reflect from the Management Drives methodology on the impact that the crisis has had on the individual team members and the team.

Benefit 2 – Purposefully using positive behavior and effective leadership

By having a concrete and practical tool at your fingertips with which you can easily discuss behavior, you will know by the end of this program how you retain new and positive behavior and what you would like to develop further.

Benefit 3 – Access to clear and straightforward applications

Through this program, you will get access to clear and straightforward applications of Management Drives. These include the online questionnaires to receive your individual profile, team profile, and the online MD Crisis Impact Scan. These applications are available in seven languages.

Benefit 4 – Concrete steps contributing to your comeback

Your individual and team profile results and the Crisis Impact Scan guide further insights and conversations during the workshop. Because these results are interactive and directly applicable, you will have a concrete starting point for (further) development as a team. Your formulated objectives during the workshop will contribute immediately to your comeback!


Teams and organizations looking to strengthen their performance capabilities and reach their potential both individually and as an organization would greatly benefit from what this program can bring to the table.
Gita Pelinck
Co-Founder & Social Entrepreneur at 6 Degrees Academy for Women
I experienced working together with Melanie as very pleasant and inspiring. She knows how to guide people in achieving results under challenging circumstances.
Robin Bos
Policy Advisor at DWA
I experienced Melanie as an expert coach who knows how to guide clients in finding their balance between their natural way of doing things and the culture in which they work.
Hilman Agil Satria
Sanitation Specialist in Indonesia

During the Impact Program – kick-off workshop, you will:

  • Refresh the Management Drives theory: – What are drives – What do we measure with the individual profile – Positive, negative, and exaggerated behavior from drives
  • Do an individual assignment on your most remarkable moment during Covid-19 lockdown and discuss this in break-out rooms.
  • Do an assignment on your most remarkable team experiences during Covid-19 lockdown in the group.
  • Receive an explanation of your team profile and the result of the MD Crisis Impact Scan.
  • Do a team assignment in two subgroups on behavior and objectives for the year ahead, followed by a plenary presentation of the team assignments outcome.
  • Do a check out during which agreements are summarized and (if applicable) the next steps are defined.

    These Are The Online Leadership Training Bonuses You Will Get

    Instant Profile Access

    You will have the opportunity to download a free app with instant and easy access to your personal Management Drives Profile. In this App, you can also connect with others.

    Free of charge intake meeting (online)

    Before the start of the half-day workshop, you will have an online meeting with the coach to discuss your organization and the team's current situation. This intake meeting will ensure a clear starting point and expectations for the effective leadership workshop. Duration: maximum 30 minutes.

    Free of charge follow-up meeting (online)

    wo weeks after the half-day workshop, you will have a scheduled One-to-One follow-up meeting to reflect on your workshop experience with the team. And the possible next-step program options are discussed. Duration: maximum 30 minutes.

    15% discount on next-step-program options

    After completing the half-day kick-off workshop, you will have the opportunity to follow-up on the process and progress you and your team have made. There are three follow-up options for you to choose: team development - changing course, team development - behavior, and organizational development – strategic direction. During the follow-up meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss these next-step program options.

    A One-Time Investment With A Lifetime Return

    The Impact Program is not a single solution program. Instead, the investment is for the here and now and the future.

    The crisis has (had) a significant impact. On an individual level, a team, and an organizational level in general. But also on the concrete objectives within teams and organizations. Specific behavior from the team members is needed to ensure achieving (adjusted) goals.

    Especially in crisis times, or when impactful changes occur within the organization, it is essential to get concrete answers to questions such as ‘How do we emerge stronger as a team?’, ‘How do we ensure achieving the (adjusted) goals?’ ‘What can we expect of each other?’

    By combining the MD Crisis Impact Scan outcome with the MD team profile, you will know the required direction for your team. This unique combination is of great value due to its immediate, support-creating, and concrete applicability.

    You have the opportunity to learn and turn that crisis into your comeback.

    It is a one-time investment with a lifetime return.

    Through the Impact Program, you will:

    Learn what impact the Crisis has had on you and your team’s behavior and set clear positive objectives for the year ahead.

    Impact Program

  • Immediate Start
  • Lifetime Profile Access
  • Lifetime Leadership Tips In The MD App
  • $799


    Most frequent questions and answers

    No! Firstly, the Management Drives software does not measure your personality type. Instead, the Management Drives software measures and provides insight into what motivates a team or person. Management Drives uses a language with six colors, uniquely presented in a matrix. Each color stands for a style of leadership or organizational culture. Therefore, it is unique as it connects organizational development and culture, team development, and individual leadership.

    No problem! The intake meeting is included in the program at no additional cost and will provide you with the opportunity to ask and clarify any questions or wishes you may have.

    The coach facilitates this online half-day starting program online through Zoom so that any team can sign up for this program no matter its location in the world. In addition, the coach will work with you by combining virtual break-out rooms and plenary discussions.

    As the workshop takes place online and its half-day timing, we advise having teams not bigger than 16 people. A group smaller than 16 people ensures that every team member has sufficient time and opportunity to express themselves.

    The online follow-up meeting takes place around two weeks after the Impact Program workshop. This meeting is part of the program at no additional cost. It provides an opportunity for you as a leader/manager to reflect on the program with the facilitator and discuss the next-step possibilities for your team and organization.

    Yes, it is possible to sign up for the Impact Program and have a coach facilitate the workshop in another language other than English, German, or Dutch. One of Shudofsky’s Coaching & Consultancy Partners can facilitate the workshop, as they are fluent in the following languages: Italian, Spanish, French, and Chinese.