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It is not easy to always stay balanced within continuously changing working environments, but with the help of Management Drives, you are assured to turn stress into your comeback. Oh, did we mention it can all be done from your home?


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  • Testimonials

    Teams and organizations looking to strengthen their performance capabilities and reach their potential both individually and as an organization would greatly benefit from what this program can bring to the table.
    Gita Pelinck
    Co-Founder & Social Entrepreneur at 6 Degrees Academy for Women
    I experienced working together with Melanie as very pleasant and inspiring. She knows how to guide people in achieving results under challenging circumstances.
    Robin Bos
    Policy Advisor at DWA
    Right from the start, I was impressed by her way of approaching strategic and complex challenges we had with taking our foundation to the next level. She is an expert in simplifying complex and complicated issues into a structured and straightforward approach. Melanie is always open to trying new ideas and is eager to learn from others. She is very emphatic and an excellent listener.
    Debbie Middendorp
    Co-Founder & Social Entrepreneur at 6 Degrees Academy for Women
    Despite the initially somewhat unusual test regarding questions and possible answers, I recognized myself well with the result. It triggered a reflection and made me curious to look at myself and my drives in everyday life. I am interested in continuing with Management Drives to learn how to work with the knowledge about my drives and how they can influence my actions. I can now significantly extract positive things for myself and my fellow human beings in professional and private life.
    Carmen Wyssmüller
    Unit Manager at STS AG Hospital
    Taking the Management Drives questionnaire is time well invested. The colorful and schematic visualization of the individual profile makes it fun to engage with results. The qualitative analysis and individual feedback are unique opportunities to reflect on one's core motivation(s).
    Annabelle Metzner
    Global Health Professional at The Global Fund