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Melanie Shudofsky

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The Transformative Power of Solution-Focused Coaching: building tomorrow today.

Emphasizing creating meaningful and achievable outcomes through Solution-Focused Coaching.

Build Strong and Resilient Teams

Increase Employee Well-Being, Productivity, and Engagement.

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We believe in a dynamic and engaging approach to organizational consultancy by integrating Management Drives across our services. Offering a clear, accessible, and actionable framework, we ensure that your consultancy journey is not theoretical but a holistic, transformative, and successful experience for your organization.

Elevate Your Team Dynamics and Team Performance

A variety of proven solutions that empower teams to thrive and excel. We guarantee that you and your team will learn and discover more than expected.

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This insight means that you can devote conscious attention to each step in organizational development based on the organization's interests.

Step 1

Mission and vision relate to who we are and where we are going. Identity, core values, and being proud expressly link to the Purple drive. Likewise, vision, long-term developments, the environment, and broader perspective expressly belong to Yellow.

Step 2

Strategy and focus, translate mission and vision into concrete strategy and goals to be achieved (orange). Next, we must determine the risks and what we will and will not do—making choices and focusing (red).

Step 3

Organizing and communicating is about determining the working method to achieve the formulated goals, what agreements we will make for this, and how we ensure that people are and remain connected.

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The power of Management Drives for individuals, teams, and organizations

Management Drives is one of the leading organizations in personal and organizational development as it uniquely connects behavior with business. Management Drives works with six colors, making it very easy to represent. The method connects drives, behaviors, cultures, and developments. Management Drives is not a one-time solution but developed for continuous everyday application, and it seamlessly integrates with existing work structures, measures, and scaling.

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Right from the start, I was impressed by her way of approaching strategic and complex challenges we had with taking our foundation to the next level. She is an expert in simplifying complex and complicated issues into a structured and straightforward approach. Melanie is always open to trying new ideas and is eager to learn from others. She is very emphatic and an excellent listener.

Debbie Middendorp

Co-Founder & Social Entrepreneur at 6 Degrees Academy for Women

During Melanie Shudofsky's Management Drives Team Session, I gained valuable emotional and cognitive insights into myself and the group. Melanie did very well on steering the group by really living what we as a group need.

Andreas Frey

Unit Head Project Management, Hilti Group

The Management Drives Team Session with Melanie Shudofsky was very interesting, well-paced, and energizing. The session really helped us focus on our most critical team challenge.

Edward Przybylowicz

Business Unit Head, Hilti Group

Teams and organizations looking to strengthen their performance capabilities and reach their potential both individually and as an organization would greatly benefit from what this program can bring to the table.

Gita Pelinck

Co-Founder & Social Entrepreneur at 6 Degrees Academy for Women

I experienced working together with Melanie as very pleasant and inspiring. She knows how to guide people in achieving results under challenging circumstances.

Robin Bos

Policy Advisor at DWA